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The 3G 'On Demand' was set to stop after 10 minutes of no Ineternet activties, but I wonder why long after I shut down my Internet browser the Internet failed to disconnect?
Posted by Billion UK FAE 07 on 28 November 2008 11:33 AM

On Demand: Internet connection that is only made when required. Dial on demand is often used with dial-up connections. Disconnection after a period of time on idling no data packet made to the WAN.

The most common reason for the 'On Demand' failed to disconnect is that the data packet remains sending data to the WAN, even though you are not using a web browser, but there are other programs keeps sending data periodically to the a remote site (i.e even Windows system services and Microsoft Word will send out data packets to a destination in the Internet here and then), this will subsequently led the router believe the the Internet is not enter to an idling phase, the WAN connection will not disconnect until all the data packet are stopped, once no further WAN data requested in the idling period then it will disconnect after the set time.

To ensure there is no data packet made to the WAN. It is adviceable that you should disable the wireless/Ethernet network interface on board your computer (if you don't require Internet access, but you wants to carry on doing your work on your computer) or complete shut down your computer.

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