BiPAC 7800DX 2.32d firmware
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BiPAC 7800DX 2.32d firmware


New Features & Enhancements:


1. VPN: (VPN models only) 

1‐1 Added MTU setting on IPSEC configuration.  

1‐2 Added exception group for L2TP and PPTP server. 


2. 3G  

2‐1 Added support for HUAWEI E392/E1552/E5776 dongles.


3. Security     

3‐1 Added "Drop" & "Forward" actions of  time schedule on time restriction feature.

Note:   "Drop" will always drop MAC entries, "Forward" is the reverse and will always forward them.           



4. NAT           

4‐1 "Edit" action support  on port trigger setting.           

4‐2 Avoid NAT table full which will cause system be locked up.


5. DNS

5‐1 Added "freedns" to ddns server list.   

5‐2 Added keep‐alive mechanism for DDNS.        

Note:   "Period" refers to the update period and can be set based on Day/Hour/Minute     


6. Management         

6‐1 Added support for http port changed.           

6‐2 Added WAN MAC display for TR069. 


7. LAN

7‐1 Added support for VRRP router redundancy protocol.       


8. Wireless    

8‐1 Added wireless MAC address list on Wireless MAC Filter.   



Bug Fixed:


1. Fixed issue whereby fax mail fails when sending large files (VOIP models only).   

2. Fixed VOIP issue whereby incoming calls fails when DMZ enabled (VOIP models only).   

3. Fixed issue where by block wan ping function will lose efficiency when remote access is enabled.         

4. Fixed issue whereby system locks when removing port trigger rules.         

5. Fixed issue whereby jumbo frames don’t work on PPPoE connections.

6. Fixed NAT traversal can't work on IPSec (VPN models only).

7. Fixed issue whereby DLNA can't list music by category.         

8. Fixed issue whereby bandwidth usage pages don’t show correctly with IE11.       

9. Fixed issue whereby print jobs don’t complete when printing large files.   












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