Billion UK 7402X 6.24c
Posted by Support2 Billion UK on 05 March 2014 10:25 AM

Firmware 6.24c for the 7402x

Release Notes below

==== 6.24c Release ====



Based on the version 6.24b.dm6 and add following fixes/changes/enhances:




1, Add ZTE MF652 supported.


1, Resolve RFC2833 issue with Cisco IVR.

2, Fix IPsec crash issue.


==== 6.24b.dm6 Release ====



Based on the version 6.24b and add following fixes/changes/enhances:




1. Fixed ps3 upnp can not work issue.

2. Fixed management ip can not work when use telnet.

3. Fixed PPTP issue against Microsoft TMG firewall.

4. Fixed wireless(11g) lose buffer issue.


1. Add NAT enable/disable in EWAN webpage.

2. Add more 3G support (LM003,Sierra320U )


==== 6.24b Release ====



Based on the version 6.23 and add following fixes/changes/enhances:





1. Fixed check Obtain IPv6 DNS use Automatic issue.

2. Fixed /configuration/ipsec.html webpage not have security protect.

3. Fixed PPTP re-connect after 30 seconds.


1. Add SpinTel VoIP provider list.

2. IPv6 enabled by default.


==== 6.23 Release ====



Based on the version 6.21 and add following fixes/changes/enhances:






1. Fix cannot get IP address on some 3G ISP.

2. Fix filter rule disappeared when firewall User-defined enabled and Add/Delete some filter rule.

3. Fix system hold when input wrong IP format on QoS configuration webGUI page.

4. Fix WAN IPv6 address disappeared after life time timeout on WAN stateless mode addressing.

5. Fix system crash sometimes when IPv6 doesn't enable.

6. Fix user add static ARP entry disappeared when the IP assigned by fixed host of DHCP server.

7. Fix cannot edit firewall packet filter rule.

8. Fix WebGUI/Advanced Status page shows wrong IPv6 dns address on non-used WAN interface.

9. Fix LAN ports data flooding when device configured EWAN mode.

10. Fix 11N wireless performance and ARP table issue.

11. Fix "TCP MSS Clamp" configuration becomes disabled after edit WAN profile configuration page.

12. Fix Win7 audio service and dhcp client will be crash when PC connected with our device with ipv6 enabled.

13. Fix wegBUI restore configuration file happen file too large issue.






1. allow input prefix or v6 address format on webGUI IPv6 auto-config/WAN PPPoE configuration page.

2. IPv6 firewall port filter re-order function.

3. 3G dongle HUAWEI K4605 ,NEW ZTE MF668, WU160, WU170 and HUAWEI K3805 supported.

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