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FW Release Notes : 1. "Fixed DNS-O-Matic dynamic DNS with "ssl connect error" issue". 2. "Fixed Sky VDSL Option 61 WAN delay when DHCP lease is renewed" (causes delay/lag every hour). 3. "Users can now generate random CA on OpenVPN server". 4. "Added ne...
Disabled the 'RX Chain Power Save' function as default, for both bands 2.4ghz and 5ghz.
Firmware version 2.50a.d13 FIXED UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE WEB GUI  ---- ( XBOXONE  AND  APPLE-TV )  ISSUE” Fixed quick start issue where VLAN ID is reverted back to -1 when configuring for PTM >> IPOE connection
1. "Support VPN connection with provider Nord VPN server" 2. "Fix port forwarding rules stop working"
Please upgrade your device and reset back to factory default settings to ensure all changes within the firmware are implemented correctly. (as this firmware is based off a newer code base) Do not restore settings from previous builds Release Notes 1...
PDF full manual for the Bipac 8900AX-1600 R2